What Is Brooklyn-Style Pizza

This unique style of pizza is famous for its thin crust and crispy texture. And unlike traditional Italian pizza, Brooklyn-style pizza is often topped with a variety of meats and vegetables. So what makes Brooklyn-style pizza so special? Read on to learn about what is brooklyn-style pizza.

Where Did The Brooklyn Style Of Pizza Originate From?

The New York style was considered to have influenced the Brooklyn style. A hand-tossed basic type of dough is topped lightly with tomato sauce and adorned with dry, grated, full-day Mozzarella in the New York manner.

The crust is composed of high-gluten bread, and the flavor is said to come from the water used.

The Brooklyn type has the same size range as the New York style, ranging from 18 to 45 inches in diameter. It also has identical toppings, and the same eating method and both are hand-tossed to achieve the right dough.

The crispiness and amount of mozzarella utilized make a difference.

What Makes Up A Typical Brooklyn Pizza?

Keep reading on what is brooklyn-style pizza? Several food fans discuss Brooklyn pizza, which is one of the modern pizza styles that is closely related to the original Italia variety. The choice between the traditional and popular New York pizza and the hand-tossed domino pizza is sometimes debatable.

Because of the high-fat level in a traditional Brooklyn-style pizza, it is not beneficial for elderly persons. Products with high-fat content should be avoided by people with health problems.

Others, on the other hand, should consume in moderation. Scientists discovered that eating pizza in moderation can aid in the destruction of many small causal agents for throat cancer.

In general, Brooklyn pizza is distinguished from other types by its unique dough type, cheese composition, and numerous toppings.

Brooklyn-Style Pizza Recipe

What Is Brooklyn Style Pizza Recipe
What Is Brooklyn Style Pizza Recipe


  • 1 pound of Italian sausage
  • 1/2 teaspoon of fennel seeds
  • 4 cloves of garlic, peeled and minced
  • 1/2 cup of white onion, diced
  • 1/4 cup of green bell pepper, diced
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 2 cups of crushed tomatoes, canned or fresh
  • 1 teaspoon of dried oregano
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon of black pepper
  • 6-8 ounces of mozzarella cheese, shredded or sliced thin
  • Parmesan cheese, grated (optional)
  • Fresh basil leaves (optional)


  1. Preheat the oven to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Place dough on a lightly floured surface and let rest for 10 minutes.
    Roll out the dough to a 12-inch circle. Transfer to a greased baking sheet or pizza stone.
  3. Brush dough with olive oil and spread on tomato sauce. Top with mozzarella cheese and basil leaves, if desired.
  4. Bake for 10-12 minutes, or until crust is golden brown and cheese is melted and bubbly. Slice and serve immediately.

This Brooklyn pizza recipe is easy to follow and produces a delicious, authentic New York-style pizza. The key to this recipe is using high-quality pizza dough and allowing it to rise for at least 24 hours.

This will give the crust a crispy, chewy texture that is characteristic of authentic Brooklyn pizzas. Once you’ve mastered the dough, top your pizza with any combination of fresh ingredients that you like. Just be sure not to overload the pie so that the crust can cook evenly.

How Should Brooklyn Style Pizza Be Served?

Unlike other thick-dough pizzas, such as those from New York, their pizzas are cut into 8 or 16 triangles, depending on the direction of their owners. Squares are carved into a standard Brooklyn pizza. Because of the pizza’s thin crust, this is the case.

When a hot, steamy pizza is placed inside a delivery box, the covering steams the pizza, lessening the crustiness. Because Brooklyn Pizza is noted for its thin crust, the lessened crustiness will make it floppy.

It’s practically impossible to consume an entire thin, floppy pizza piece without it disintegrating. As a result, square cutting decreases the risk of breakage, which is more likely when cut triangularly.

You can give your delivery man instructions for a triangular cut, as many individuals want their pizza in their preferred shape.

How Should It Be Eaten?

The traditional method of eating a Brooklyn pizza is by folding it into a size that can fit into one’s mouth hole. Folding ensures the toppings are mixed properly and the one-way eating makes all the nutrients combine at once.

In a standard Brooklyn pizzeria, it is considered weird to eat pizza with a fork and knife. But other shops can be overlooked. You can also watch how it is eaten by others.

Where Should I Get My Brooklyn Style Pizza?

Choose between your servers before ordering a Brooklyn pizza. Do you want it from a fast-food restaurant such as Pizza Hut or Domino’s, or from a traditional pizzeria?

Of course, a traditional pizzeria will supply you with high-quality food because their major goal is to share their culture and beliefs with you through taste, not just to make money.

You may be also interested in what is brooklyn-style pizza? Unlike conventional food merchandisers, whose major goal is to serve as many consumers as possible within the next 24 hours, the goal of organic food merchandisers is to satisfy as many customers as possible.

Because most traditional pizzerias do not accept takeout or reservations, eating in the shop is required to fully appreciate the culture, activities, and physical value of your pizza. It is recommended that you attend one if you are more culturally minded.

If you’re looking for a quick snack, though, the commercial merchandised is your best option. Choose one of those two options, depending on your environment, distance, or budget, and enjoy a delicious pizza.

5 Best Pizza Shops In Brooklyn

1. Juliana’s Pizzeria

Juliana’s Pizzeria, located at 5064 4th Avenue in the Rosemont Shopping Center, is one of the top two rival pizza businesses in Brooklyn, created by Grimaldi and open for over 8 years.

It is awarded the best pizza place in America by a trip advisor. They do not offer takeout nor take reservations. They also have little choice of pizza menu for vegetarians.

2. Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

They were both founded by the same Grimaldi who started Juliana’s pizzeria, which is ironic. This pizzeria is nearly a century old and is still one of the few fry pizza joints that cook pizza on coal ovens. They have nearly identical rules to Juliana and are positioned next to each other.

3. Roberta’s Pizzeria

Roberta’s Pizzeria is one of the primary tourist attractions that has propelled Bushwick to the forefront of the tourism industry. They are one of the last remaining wood-oven bakeries. They were also suspected of being involved in an alt-right pizzagate plot.

4. Lucali Brooklyn

For its broad menu, it is one of New York’s most highly regarded pizzerias. Large pizzas and tiny calzones are available.

Because of their opulent nature, they are well-known for providing the ideal date setting. A number of celebrities have also been seen in the area. This Food Insider video explains why Lucali pizzeria is one of Brooklyn’s greatest.

5. Totonno’s Pizzeria Napolitano

Food Network has ranked it first. Totonno’s Pizzeria is a family-owned business that has been around since 1924 when it first opened its doors.

What Is Brooklyn Style Pizza
What Is Brooklyn Style Pizza

It is well-known for its simple menu, which features a variety of dishes such as traditional Margherita, Neopolitan; no wine, no cheese delicacy, and Bianca.

They have space for a variety of foods and are known to only accept cash. They’re only open Thursday through Saturday.

FAQS About What Is Brooklyn-Style Pizza? 

Is Brooklyn-Style Pizza Popular Outside Of New York?

Yes! As the popularity of Neapolitan pizzas grew in the 1990s, so did the desire for other types of pizzas. In fact, many restaurants now serve up their own takes on this classic style of pie — including some that even call themselves “Brooklyn Pizzeria.”

Why Does New York City Have Its Own Style Of Pizza? Is It Different From Other Styles?

New York City has long been home to so many immigrant populations that it’s no wonder there are so many different types of pizza here! Early immigrants brought their favorite styles with them from Italy, making them available on street corners throughout the city. Today there are over 200 pizzerias in NYC alone — each with its own take on what makes for great pie!

How Can I Tell If My Pizza Is Authentic Brooklyn Style?

The best way to tell if your pizza is authentic Brooklyn style is by tasting it! If you like it, then it’s probably authentic Brooklyn style; however, if you don’t like it or don’t know what it tastes like yet, then we recommend trying it at one of our restaurants before making any final decisions about authenticity. We hope you enjoy your experience at our restaurants!

How Do You Make Brooklyn-Style Pizza?

There are many variations when it comes to making a Brooklyn-style pizza. Some restaurants use cornmeal on their pans while others use semolina flour. Some chefs prefer using tomato sauce while others prefer using whole tomatoes.

There are also different ways of topping your pizza — some chefs go for classic toppings such as mozzarella cheese, basil leaves, and onions while others prefer more exotic toppings such as anchovies or prosciutto.

Why Is The Crust So Thick?

 It’s not. This misconception arises from the fact that many New York pizzerias use a thicker pan than those used by pizzerias elsewhere in the country (1/4 inch vs. 1/8 inch). The result is that when you slice it into squares, you get larger pieces of crust and less surface area per slice than you would with thinner crusts cut into wedges.

But if you compare slices of equal size and thickness, there’s no difference between New York and Chicago-style pizzas in terms of how much crust they have per bite.

Conclusion Of What Is Brooklyn-Style Pizza?

Despite the fact that pizza has a long history of being based on animal ingredients, new vegetarian pizzas are being developed. For example, in addition to the regular cheese, a plant-friendly cheese option has been supplied.

There are many different sorts and styles of pizza to choose from, but the Brooklyn style is one of the greatest. Why not try one of the popular classic pizzerias for a taste of culturally infused food?

Pizza encompasses more than just dough and toppings; it also encompasses skills, history, and culture.

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