How Big is Costco Pizza?

Have you ever wondered, “How big is Costco pizza?” Well, if you have, you’ve come to the right place. This site looks at the different sizes of Costco pizza and does everything in its power to figure out how big Costco pizza really is.

Standard Costco Pizza Size

The standard Costco pizza is a whopping 18 inches in diameter.

That’s a lot of pizza for the average family. If you figure the average slice of pizza is about six inches long, then 36 inches of pizza is six slices.

If each person in your family eats two slices, that’s enough to feed three people. If 16 people are at your party, they can each eat two slices and still have two leftovers.

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How Big is Costco Pizza?

The answer depends on your location, but it usually ranges from 18 to 24 inches in diameter.

In California, the largest Costco stores have a 24-inch pizza available for $9.99. In Texas, the largest stores offer an 18-inch pizza for $9.95. In Illinois, there’s a 20-inch pizza for $9.95.

What Kind Of Pizza Does Costco Have?

The answer to this question is pretty simple: Costco only offers cheese and pepperoni pizzas at its food courts. If you’ve ever wondered why there aren’t any other topping options, that’s because Costco isn’t a pizza chain – it’s actually more like a bulk grocery store. (The lack of meat toppings could also be an attempt to cater to vegetarians.)

And while there’s no doubt that having just two options can seem limited at first, there are actually some perks to this approach. For starters, opting for just two different types of pizzas allows the company to focus on making these pies as good as they can be. Since the ingredients don’t have to change too often (Costco goes through about 300 million pounds of cheese each year!), the quality remains consistent throughout the year.

How Much Is A Costco Pizza?

A whole pizza is $9.95, and slices are $1.99 each. That’s before tax, which will add another 10 percent or so to your bill.

The price isn’t bad for a giant pizza, but it’s not particularly cheap, either. It was about the same price as a large two-topping pizza from Domino’s, which I ordered for the sake of comparison:

Both pizzas were pretty big – about 16 inches in diameter. You could easily feed four adults with one of them (or two hungry teenagers).

The Costco pizza was much better than Domino’s — significantly thicker crust and more flavorful toppings. It didn’t taste like a generic frozen pizza at all, although it was nowhere near as good as what you’d get from an artisanal or specialty shop. For example:

Costco also sells pre-made personal pizzas in the freezer section for less than $5 each (before tax), so you can pick those up if you don’t need a whole pie.

Does Costco Pizza Taste Delicious?

While it doesn’t taste quite as good as a gourmet slice, it does taste pretty good for only $1.99 and fills you up!

I was skeptical that the pizza would be any good since I had never had it before. I tried the cheese first, which was a nice balance of cheese and sauce but didn’t have much flavor from the crust. Then I tried pepperoni – this was also very tasty! It had a little more spice than the cheese, but still not enough for me.

The Costco pizza is one of the best things you can get at Costco for only $1.99 per slice! The crust is thin and crispy, with just enough sauce to keep it from being dry. The pepperoni is delicious, with just enough spice to make your mouth water without being too spicy for kids or adults who don’t like spicy food.

If you love pizza and are looking for an inexpensive way to feed a crowd then stop by your local Costco and pick up some hot slices of cheese or pepperoni right out of their ovens! You’ll be glad you did.

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Nutritional Values Of Costco Pizza

Costco pizza is a little different, though. The slices are really big and packed with toppings, so it’s hard to say how many calories you’re getting in each slice. If you’re looking for an estimate, the general rule of thumb is that one slice of a 16″ pizza is about 250 calories.

A slice of Costco cheese pizza contains 9.5 g of fat and a slice of pepperoni has 12 g of fat. The saturated fat content in a slice of cheese pizza is 3.4 g, 1.5 g in the pepperoni pizza, and 0.7 g in the vegetarian pizza. The cholesterol content is 25 milligrams for the cheese pizza, 30 mg for the pepperoni pizza.

A slice of Costco cheese pizza contains 25 mg of sodium and a slice of pepperoni has 400 mg of sodium. The carbohydrate content in a slice of cheese pizza is 24 g, 27 g in the pepperoni pizza, and 28 g in the vegetarian pizza. A slice of Costco cheese pizza contains no dietary fiber, 1 gram in the pepperoni pizza.

A slice of Costco cheese pizza contains 7 grams of protein and a slice of pepperoni has 8 grams of protein.

How To Order Pizza At Costco

Here’s how it works:

Find a Costco that has a food court. Not every location does, so check on the company’s website before you go looking.

After you’ve done your shopping, go to the food court.

Decide which type of pizza you’d like – cheese or pepperoni – and how many slices you want. You can order either one or two slices at a time.

Tell the cashier your order and pay for your food. It should be less than $2 per slice.

Take your pizza from the shelf just behind the cashier, pull out a small table nearby and enjoy!

If there’s a line at the food court, don’t fret: Costco’s food courts were designed for speed. The company once told The Motley Fool that its goal was to serve each person in line within five minutes of them getting there, no matter how long that line is.

Note that while some locations have independent bakeries or restaurants inside them, they don’t count toward this deal; you have to head to the actual food court to take advantage of the low prices on pizza and other items (including hot dogs and soda).

Do I Need A Membership To Buy Costco Pizza?

You do need a Costco membership to buy the chain’s food court items, including pizza. There are two exceptions: If you’re just stopping for gas, or if someone else is picking up your order and has their card.

But there are other ways to get your hands on some Costco pizza without paying for a membership.

If you have a friend or family member who is already a member, they can pick up an order for you, no problem. Just give them your money ahead of time and they’ll put the order on their card!

In addition, Costco offers gift cards (which start at $25) that can be used at the food court or any other part of the store. These don’t require any membership – so if someone gives you one, use it to buy all the pizza your heart desires!

FAQs for How Big is Costco Pizza?

Should I get a membership at Costco?

In most cases, yes. Costco is a unique store, combining a warehouse club experience with a full-service grocery store. It’s known for great deals on electronics and appliances in particular, along with an excellent selection of beer, wine and spirits.

Costco’s annual membership fee is $60 for the Gold Star plan or $120 for Executive. The Gold Star plan comes with a free spouse card, and the Executive plan comes with an extra card for an employee or household member.

Beyond this, you pay for what you buy at Costco. If you’re already shopping at other warehouse stores like Sam’s Club or BJ’s Wholesale Club – or at other bulk retailers like Costco competitor BJ’s Wholesale Club – it’s easy to see how much you’re saving per month by buying your items at Costco rather than somewhere else. A few cents here and there can easily add up to more than the cost of a membership if you buy enough stuff each month.

What is the Costco waiting time?

The Costco waiting time is the time it takes for someone to process your order and get you on your way. The total time spent at Costco varies from person to person as there are many factors that come into play. Here are some points to consider:

  • How long do you wait in line?
  • How long is the wait after placing my order?
  • How long does it take to load my groceries?
  • How long does it take to cash out?
  • How much time is spent walking around the store looking for what you want?
  • If a customer has a lot of items, it may take longer for the cashier or bagger.

Keep in mind that these times will vary from day to day, even hour to hour. A store that is busy during lunchtime may be very slow in the evening. Also, if there is bad weather (rain, snow) or traffic issues (accident), people could be delayed.

The average wait time at Costco is approximately 15 minutes, which includes waiting in line, shopping for your items, and checking out with a cashier or self-checkout kiosk.

How many slices does a Costco pizza have?

The pizza is cut into 12 slices, but the slices are huge. A slice is about half the size of a large slice at a regular pizza place. You can easily get 2 or 3 people to split a slice of Costco pizza and everyone will be satisfied.

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When should I buy a Costco pizza?

This is probably the most common question we get around here. Our answer: When you are hungry and low on money.

Does Costco have frozen pizza?

Yes, Costco has frozen pizza. As with other items, you can find them in their food court or in the freezer section.

According to its website, Costco carries three frozen pizza brands: DiGiorno, Kirkland Signature, and Newman’s Own.

What food can you buy at Costco other than pizza?

Costco also has some other good food options, including:

The hot dog and soda combo. The food court is inside the store, so you can eat your hot dog while you shop.

The chicken Caesar salad. This salad is a decent option if you want something with protein without going for the pizza or hot dog combo.

The teriyaki chicken bake. This is a good option if you like chicken and rice.

The turkey sandwich and soup combo. The soup is usually pretty decent at Costco, and the sandwich comes on ciabatta bread, which is soft and chewy.

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